1. The government published new guidelines in July 2015 on carbohydrates and health, and recommends that the population's fibre intake should increase to 30g a day (measured by the AOAC method) for adults. On average, we consume much less than this - about 18g per day. Intakes of fibre in children are low too, so recommendations have also been set for children aged under 16 years.
    Age (years)       Recommended intake of fibre
    2-5   15g per day
    5-11 20g per day
    11-16        25g per day
    16-18        30g per day
    A healthy, balanced diet can provide enough fibre – especially if you eat your 5 A DAY and choose wholegrain foods and potatoes in skins. Below is an example of foods that together provide more than the recommended amount of fibre over a day.
    Time         Food          Quantity  Fibre content (g)
    Breakfast          Bran flakes       40g  8
            1 banana, sliced       100g         1.5
    Snack        Apple        100g         2.4
    Lunch        Baked beans    150g         6.8
            wholemeal toast (2 slices)       70g  4.7
    Dinner      Baked potato with skin, tuna mayonnaise      180g         6.5
            Salad (lettuce, tomato and cucumber)    138g         1.7
            Low fat yogurt 150g         0
            with strawberries    100g         1.5
            and chopped almonds      13g  1.3
    Total fibre intake                     34.4