Recommended Products

MIKU Cereals, Ready-to-Eat.

There are two categories of food, healthy and unhealthy. We should eat healthy meals. Cereals are beneficial to your health. Natural grains have lots of natural fiber and low in sugar. MIKU Cereals food, launched in 2015, has attracted widespread interest from consumers who want to eat healthy meals. MIKU now has five different recipes. Above picture shows MIKU Cereals Lotus Seed, which includes many other kinds of cereals and natural Konjac. All these 9 natural fiber-rich cereals make it a healthy food in a ready-to-eat can. MIKU Ready-to-Eat Cereals can save 2 - 3 hours in boiling and cooking your cereals. Available in several food outlets.

Konjac MOKI Brand

MOKI Konjac food is made from the starch of Konjac root. It can be used as an ingredient in so many delicious dishes. Very rich in natural fiber, it is an excellent health food for people who want to control weight. It is cholesterol free, no fat, no digestible carbohydrate. MOKI Konjac has been sold since 2005. Our advice is to eat the right food in order to reduce dependence on medicine to cure illness. Just look at this example how to prepare healthy food from MIKU Konjac. Picture shows MOKI Konjac Rice. You can mix 50% MOKI Rice with 50% normal rice into your rice cooker in order to reduce carbohydrate in your rice bowl. This is a weight-control recipe.

Q-Tofu MOKI Brand

Tofu has been known for thousands of years as an excellent healthy food. However, it has several draw-backs. Its shelf-life is only a few hours if not refrigerated. Tofu sold in the market is normally not individually packed in plastic shrink wrap bag. Not very hygienic. To solve these problems, Q-Tofu MOKI Brand has been introduced since 2013 by offering new benefits to the health-conscious customers. Picture shows MOKI Brand Tofu mixed with Black Sesame seeds.

Monkey King Food Co., Ltd.
Specialized in the manufacture of food for health-conscious people.
Our health foods include the following:

Konjac MOKI Brand
An excellent health food free of cholesterol free, fat, no digestible
carbohydrate. MOKI Konjac is suitable for diabetes patients and
weight watchers.

Senthai Konjac Powder
Senthai Konjac Powder is processed from the Konjac plants grown in our
plantations and contract farmers in Eastern Thailand’s Kanchanaburi
Province. Our non-GMO Konjac roots are dried and processed into fine
powder, ready for making into several final Konjac food products. 
This product is excellent for export markets. We can produce your
Konjac brands under OEM agreements.

Q-Tofu MOKI Brand
Our Tofu is well-known for maintaining its original shape after cooking,
not becoming pulpy or mushy. This unique feature is preferred by most
professional chefs.  MOKI Tofu has higher protein content compared to
the average tofu sold in the market. Our protein is easier to digest
compared to protein from animal sources.

MIKU Cereals, Ready-to-Eat
MIKU is suitable as a light meal for cereals lovers. Rich in natural fiber
and low in sugar content. MIKU is welcome by healthy-eating consumers
and lovers of natural grains.

Recommended Recipes

Thai-Styled Fried Konjac Noodle
One of the most famous Thai dishes around the world is Thai-styled Fried Noodle, called in the Thai-language as “Pat Thai”. Instead of using rice noodle, you can use Konjac noodle to make Thai Fried Konjac Noodle. The big advantage is Konjac noodle is high-fiber, cholesterol free and fat free. Excellent for weight watchers.
Konjac Is A Suitable Ingredient For Many Dishes.
For over a thousand years, people in China, Japan, Korea have used Konjac to prepare different dishes together with vegetables and meat. Their cooking style can be varied, such as stir fry, boil, Bar-B-Q. Thai people eat Konjac leaves to eat with chili sauce paste or cook in curry dishes. The healthy eating trend is on the increase and Konjac will become more popular.
Konjac Bar BQ
Some people stop eating meat Bar-B-Q, for fear of eating too much fat and cholesterol. Konjac is a better choice for people who want to control weight, high blood pressure and cholesterol. You can enjoy the low calorie recipe in Bar B Q style. Select Konjac Sheet, Konjac Cake, and Konjac Slice. Our Konjac can replace seafood, beef, pork, chicken and other animal meats.



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