Product Images:

1000 x 560

Hero Image:

Display at 16:6 = 2000 x 750 if you want the exact size displayed

16:9 = 2000 x 1125 if you don’t need the whole image displayed (I will currently center it in the display area)

Writing (AIDA)

We will use the AIDA writing format and present the sales pitch in the following order:


An attention grabbing headline


Say something that grabs their interest:

Do we have good specs?

Do we have good flavour?

Do we have good texture?


Make them picture themselves with the product.

Example: Bird’s Nest, they can easily put a bottle in their bag and have a revitalizing beverage when they need one.


Tell them to buy and where to buy. Make it convenient. We have links to Lazada / Shopee.