Healthy Konjac Based Products

Improve your health and get a leap on life with our high fiber, low calorie konjac based foods. From spaghetti to tofu to meat substitutes, we got you covered for your healthy culinary masterpieces. For a healthy boost, check out our delicious bird's nest with traditional and modern flavors!

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Birds nest · Boba · Dessert · Jelly · Noodle · Novelty · Oat Fiber · Ready to eat · Rice · Tofu
Noodles as fine as Angel Hair. Even thinner on the calories!
Are you a pasta lover... but still worried about calories?
Keto Mac & Cheese Oat Fiber Mararoni? Happy plus yummy!
Eat all the fettuccine you want without getting Fett ... I mean fat.
Thin but get you full! Just add in your hotpot!
Slurp up a single serving of carb free, high in fiber, low calorie noodle.
Noodle lovers rejoice without guilt!
Savor the zen of Udon without donning the weight!
As much fiber, with just as few calories as our regular konjac knots, with a little more green to your diet!
Bored with traditional noodles? Our Konjac knots will untie you from the bonds of tradition!
Get better under the sheets. Our konjac sheets that is ...
Macaroni without carbohydrate? Yes, you heard it! Our konjac macaroni is the one.