Healthy Konjac Based Products

Improve your health and get a leap on life with our high fiber, low calorie konjac based foods. From spaghetti to tofu to meat substitutes, we got you covered for your healthy culinary masterpieces. For a healthy boost, check out our delicious bird's nest with traditional and modern flavors!

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Birds nest · Boba · Dessert · Jelly · Noodle · Novelty · Oat Fiber · Ready to eat · Rice · Tofu
Noodles as fine as Angel Hair. Even thinner on the calories!
Are you a pasta lover... but still worried about calories?
Keto Mac & Cheese Oat Fiber Mararoni? Happy plus yummy!
Eat all the fettuccine you want without getting Fett ... I mean fat.
Savor the zen of Udon without donning the weight!
Make your meal faster and healthier. Just 3 minutes with our spaghetti with oat fiber.
Enjoy your Oat Fiber noodles in our new, more convenient packaging!