Healthy Konjac Based Products

Improve your health and get a leap on life with our high fiber, low calorie konjac based foods. From spaghetti to tofu to meat substitutes, we got you covered for your healthy culinary masterpieces. For a healthy boost, check out our delicious bird's nest with traditional and modern flavors!

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Birds nest · Boba · Dessert · Jelly · Noodle · Novelty · Oat Fiber · Ready to eat · Rice · Tofu
Thinking about noodle without sodium? Just try our ready to eat konjac noodle.
Make your meal faster and healthier. Just 3 minutes with our spaghetti with oat fiber.
Go nuts for our keto friendly grated konjac coconut noodles! Coconut flavor without coconut calories!
Enjoy your Oat Fiber noodles in our new, more convenient packaging!
Add our keto, low carb and low sugar Konjac Boba. Your drinks go WOW!
Boba without sugar can still make you bounce! Let us make one with your name on it!