MOKI Konjac Knots 200g

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200g/tray **Storage** After opening, keep in refrigerator and consume within 3 days. **Caution** Do not consume if the package is damaged or leaking. **Certifications** ISO9001(2015), GMPs, HACCP, HALAL
Bored with traditional noodles? Our Konjac knots will untie you from the bonds of tradition!

About Our Product

Inspired by Japanese Oden, our Konjac knots will untie you from the bonds of traditional noodles!

Moki Konjac knots, high in fiber and almost zero calories, is a result of our research, development and design efforts to provide Konjac in various shapes to add variety to your meal. Every tray is carefully rolled with love to fulfill your special meal!

Konjac knots help to enhance the flavor of your meal by picking up and trapping your awesome sauce. It is a wholesome, low calorie, high fiber companion to your favorite dressing. Measure your diet easily by counting the pieces you eat per meal.

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