MOKI Oat Fibers Pasta Spaghetti 200g

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### Packaging * Net weight 350g * Drained weight 200g ### Certifications * ISO 9001(2015) * GHPs * HACCP * HALAL ### Storage After opening, keep in refrigerator and consume within 3 days and **do not freeze** or expose under the sunlight. ### Caution Do not consume if the package is damaged or leaking.
Are you a pasta lover... but still worried about calories?

About Our Product

A product for the pasta lover with health concerns!

We are the leading producer of Oat Fiber konjac noodles in Thailand. Our high-fiber, low calorie, noodles are also gluten free and allergy-free. Our great testing noodles are produced under the strictest international industry standards.

High quality OAT Fiber imported from the USA

Enjoy the taste of spaghetti without worrying about the calories from the pasta.

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